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Land Art That Doubles As Energy Generator Could Power Up To 1,200 Homes


Images © Land Art Generator Initiative

The Land Art Generator Initiative is one of the most exciting annual design competitions because it brings contemporary art to the masses while revitalizing a public space. This year’s winning design is called “Scene Sensor” by artist duo James Murray and Shota Vashakmadze . The giant structure, which looks like a huge glowing billboard in the middle of Staten Island’s Freshkills Park , is a hand-crafted wind tunnel that generates energy through piezoelectric wires and kinetic vibrations from foot traffic. The design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it could generate enough energy to power nearby homes! Read more.

Two giant planes spann across the site’s north and east sides, creating a alley that collects the area’s strong wind current. Piezoelectric wires are strung throughout the screens on each of the planes, that not only map the wind’s path but also shift with each gust, generating an electrical current from the movement. Vibrations from visitor footsteps are also transfered into energy an harvested for the town.

The screens are illuminated at night, with the wind-mapping wires displaying a flowing multi-colored light show, reflecting the energy that is being harvested. The firm hopes that on any given day, the combined effort between the wires and human footsteps, will generate up to 5,500 MWh. That impressive number will soon be able to power 1,200 local homes. Now, that is form and function!

[via inhabitat ]

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