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Pode BSB China Construir edifício mais alto do mundo em apenas seis meses? Ele acha que sim!

Chinese design firm Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) is aiming to build the world’s tallest building, called “Sky City,” in Changsha, in just six months. The key to the company’s rapid build is a prefabricated design that will be mostly constructed inside a factory then assembled on-site. With the project breaking ground in November, we have only a few months to see if BSB can step up to the challenge. Read More.


The 220-story building will not only be the world’s tallest, but also one of the planet’s greenest. BSB believes prefabricated architecture to be the cleanest, cheapest, and greenest to build. The firm has wowed us before by building the T30 Hotel, a prefab 30-story tower in just over two weeks. Not only was it constructed in record time for its size, it also proved to be five times more energy-efficient than a standard-comparable building, with construction producing just a fraction of the waste.

[via inhabitat ]

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