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White Villa da Biro Gašperič

House establishes a street corner with walls so high that it evidently turns its back to ugly neighborhood and to possibility of flood. On the south side the house offers a different face: it welcomes sun with open glass surfaces that invite light and a garden that forms a constant social platform all year long.
While entering (and leaving the surroundings) we pass reception and enter into a high body of space that cleverly hides utilitarian areas but opens a view into a dinning area surrounded by the kitchen on one side and spacious living room on the other.

Ground floor spaces, marked also with a bit higher ceiling, are separated from the garden only by huge panoramic glass surfaces. Terrace, decorated with a pots of spices is shaded by a sail and one gets a feeling it floats above the small fish pond.
Going up the stairs, a finely placed windows open new and new views of the Alpine world. Middle floor is allocated for two guest rooms accompanied with a small bathroom each, while top floor penthouse occupies a master bedroom. A morning terrace, accessible directly from the bedroom, complements the open style master bathroom and a wardrobe.

Location: Kamnik, Slovenia
Client: private
Status: completed 2007
Type: single family house


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