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Step Inside Thilo Frank’s Mirrored Abyss


We recently reported on artist Thilo Frank ’s latest work, Ekko , a wood pavilion that uses built-in microphones to record visitors and create a soundtrack broadcast throughout the installation. The piece reminded us of another awesome installation by the Berlin-based artist: “The Phoenix is Closer… ,” a large mirrored box that contained an infinite universe within. Read more.

Much like the “Ekko” pavilion, “The Phoenix is Closer…” challenges visitors’ perception of space. Taking the form of a large mirrored rectangular structure, the installation appears to merge with its surroundings. A swing is suspended inside the 4x4x8-meter box, inviting the visitor to sway back in forth within the dreamy environment. With their image translated onto every surface, visitors becomes trapped within a disorienting conglomeration of their own reflection. The installation was on display last year at the Museum of Modern Art in Denmark.

The majority of Thilo Frank’s work—sculptures, photographs, and installations—are intended to create a “dialogue” with viewers, specifically in regards to their interactions with physical space. Often times, as seen in both “Ekko” and “The Phoenix is Closer…,” the viewer functions as a “coproducer of the work.” See more on Thilo Frank’s website .

Photos courtesy of Thilo Frank

[via designboom ]

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