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Foster + Partners’ Hongqiao Vantone SunnyWorld Centre Sees Light Of Day

A groundbreaking ceremony was held this week to mark the beginning of Hongqiao Vantone SunnyWorld Centre’s construction. The enormous new financial complex, designed by Foster + Partners, sits in the heart of Shanghai’s Hongqiao financial district and will feature cutting-edge technology and sustainability. The mixed-use center will include a giant linear public park, plenty of offices, ground-level shopping, restaurants, and civic spaces.

The SunnyWorld Centre buildings are strategically arranged along a park that runs through the middle of the complex, maximizing garden views for all offices. The slim floor plates allow for tons of natural light and ventilation, while the unique triangular designs of the buildings draw the greenery closer.

A landmark building sits at the end of the long park, situating itself as the end point of this complex and a smooth transition into the next.

Grant Brooker, senior partner and design director, says, “We aim to create a destination and a genuine public place that is a positive contribution to the future growth of Shanghai, but is also rooted in the spirit of the past and the traditions of this great city – lively and bustling, filled with the business of everyday life.”

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