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Fundamental’s Geometric Tables Make Beauty Out Of Math

All photos: Fundamental

Gunnar Ronsch and Stephen Molloy of Fundamental bring new meaning to the phrase “geek-chic.” Their beautifully crafted solid wood tables, inspired by the “poetry of mathematics”, are mesmerizing pieces of form that show the hand of an old school craftsman. Read More.

Their “Atlas” table features hundreds of interlocking wood cubes tilted on an angle and then sectionally cut flat at the top to create a smooth table surface. The pointed edges of the cubes form a beautiful pattern on the top and a sea of ridges on the table’s underside.

The “Adonis” table is similarly crafted with 256 rotated cubes arranged in a hexagon shape. The cubes’ serrated edges are kept intact, giving the table a grooved, jagged surface that is both visually stunning and tactile.

Each of Fundamental’s designs are greatly labor intensive and showcase the beauty of geometric patterns that often go overlooked.

‘Hercules’ is a darker version of the ‘Adonis’ table

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